MADHURA English-Sinhala Dictionary 2006.0

DJ RAZOR (Freeware)

MADHURA English-Sinhala Dictionary is a language translation program developed by DJ Razor. It is designed to help users translate words from English to Sinhala or Sinhala to English languages. Sinhalese, or Sinhala, is the official language of people who are Sinhalese. These people are the biggest ethnic group in Sri Lanka. The Sinhala language is spoken by at least 3 million people.

MADHURA English-Sinhala Dictionary is a program that contains over 230,000 Sinhala and English definitions. It can be used for finding the exact meaning of an English word and exact meaning of a Sinhala word. The program also contains complete glossaries of various technical terms ranging from science, medicine, accounts, law, arts, engineering, and other main sources.

The interface of the program is direct and intuitive. It is a single-windowed dialog box containing minimal elements. The interface is divided into three main areas. The largest area displays the meaning of the word being translated. At the top of the interface lies a search bar where the word is placed and there is an area that displays a list of possible meanings of the word. This area is useful when translating a word that has multiple meanings, especially in different areas. To use the program, users only have to input the word or phrase to be translated then click on the search bar. Users must also designate whether the program is translating from English to Sinhala or vice versa.