Madden NFL 08

EA - Salt Lake (Proprietary)

Digital gaming company, Electronic Arts (EA Sports), offers a game geared towards football enthusiasts of all ages.  The company’s Madden NFL series puts computer gamers in the same virtual football field as the top professional players of the sport, and give them the opportunity to try out moves and even score against the best in the field.

Madden NFL offers features not found in previous versions, which include:

• Training.  The All-New Skill Drills mini-game immerses rookie players in a progressive learning system that teaches them about the game of football while training them to manage controls under pressure.  Moreover, the advanced mode lets them develop their skills further, while the multi-player mode lets them play with another human.
• Player icons.  With this new feature, gamers can pinpoint the strengths of other players as well as their weaknesses.  This allows them to plan a game play to their advantage.
• Player moves.  The game includes new player moves, as well as new animations that let players be more in control of their avatars.  Furthermore, features such as the fatigue system make for more realistic scenarios.

Madden NFL provides further excitement with other additions, such as player attributes, player information, trophy room, fantasy challenge, superstar mode additions, and more.