Mad Truckers 1.0

Media Contact LLC (Freeware)

Mad Truckers is a game that allows the player to drive and be in control of a large 20-ton truck. The game’s objective is for the truck to deliver its goods to a specific destination. The player must drive fast so the goods, which are actually greengroceries, should reach its destination without them withering, thus becoming unmarketable. Obstacles along the road and an imposed time limit add pressure to the game. The game consists of fifteen different missions for the player to level up and complete.

As a player levels up, his truck gets improvements that allow greater power to overcome obstacles. Better wheels can be one of them. Obstacles in the game may be as simple as potholes on the road or driving at lawful speeds since police are also present. They may also be as incredible as driving alongside cars of Mafia with speeds of vertigo. Throughout the game, the player must ensure that the truck does not hit other vehicles and remains at its side of the road. Game graphics and environment are also excellent. If a player drives at high speeds, he will feel realistic movement of the truck. This game comes with its own music soundtrack and sound effects.