Mad Medley Battle


Mad Medley Battle is a shooter game where players assume the role of a skilled driver controlling an off-road vehicle. The goal in the game is to find all the weapons that are hidden throughout the jungle. These weapons are the parts of a bigger weapon. While looking for weapons, the player is attacked by enemies in the form of soldiers. The player must use the weapons to fight back or flee quickly from the opponent to avoid being attacked. The game features several levels and missions to complete. There are instances wherein the player gets the change to upgrade weapons. As missions are completed, new places and missions are unlocked.

Mad Medley Battle is a game with a simple layout. On the game screen, users can view the weapon used on the upper left portion. The number of bullets is also displayed. The right hand corner shows the points of the player, while the health can be seen on the lower left part of the screen. Players are free to roam around the game world, as there is no map available. The player’s vehicle can also be upgraded so that it can sustain more damage and protect the player’s health.