MacroWorks 3 3.1(

P.I. Engineering, Inc. (Freeware)

Developed by P.I. Engineering, MacroWorks 3 is an application that is meant to be used to complement the functionality and use of the company’s X-Key keyboards. These keyboards are specifically designed to perform certain tasks for a multitude of programs. The keyboards can also be customized to suit the needs of any user. Users can create custom layouts, mappings, and other useful configurations to work with any program and interface. The main purpose of MacroWorks is to create customized layouts for these keyboards.

MacroWorks allows users to create customized mappings for keyboards to allow them to perform almost any task with them. Basic features include the ability to send any macro signal and keystrokes to any application. It allows the insertion of Unicode. The keyboards can also be programmed to launch applications and execute certain commands. Files, folders and directories can be opened by the keyboard with custom key mappings created on the program. With the new version of the program, new features have been added. The program now has the ability to map more functionalities to the keyboard. It is compatible with more products. Several bugs have been fixed as well.

Key features include
• The ability to combine mouse and keyboard strokes to a single button
• Programming application specific functions on the same key
• Create and print key legends.