Macromedia Contribute

Macromedia, Inc. (Shareware)

Macromedia Contribute is a powerful and versatile Windows-based utility that is downloadable from the Web. The program’s main functions are related to website management and Web publishing. Using this program greatly improves productivity by simplifying tasks and ushering faster completion of outcomes. Users of the program also benefit from easy access to updated and relevant information.

One of the highlights of the latest version of this program is the widening of the scope of publishing capabilities. The video insertion functions and inline image editing features extend the publishing tools from mere text updating.

Essentially, Macromedia Contribute has the capability to integrate publishing, reviewing, and authoring. All the functions are easily accessible even to users who do not possess advanced knowledge in computers or information technology. The interface is similar to Microsoft Office and is easy to figure out even if the user is a novice. With the help of this utility, simple updates can be made by just pointing and clicking with the mouse.

Macromedia Contribute by Macromedia, Inc. offers support for CSS and is compatible with HTML standards at the same time. Its real-world applications include the design of e-commerce tools and starter pages. Contribute-compatible websites may be created quickly with the advanced features of this utility.