Macromedia Captivate

Macromedia/Adobe (Proprietary)

Macromedia Captivate, now Adobe Captivate, is an application that is developed for electronic learning, or eLearning purposes. It enables teachers and educators in creating interactive courses and learning tools that may be accessed from different devices. With this program, users can create learning tools with drag-and-drop components, such as modules, quizzes, and games. Flash videos may be converted to AVI format and uploaded to websites. Presentations done in Microsoft PowerPoint may also be converted to Adobe Flash and published to HTML5 for online and mobile access.

This program has the following features:

• Interactions Library – users can insert interactive elements to their content. The program offers a wide range of interactions such as Jigsaw, Accordion, Millionaire, Glossary, Hangman, and Animated Rollover. Users can customize their content in any way they choose.
• Demo creation – users can create application simulations and product demos that allow end-users to engage in interactive learning, such as test-me assessments and let-me-try simulations. Projects may be published online and delivered to mobile devices with HTML5.
• Skills Training – presentations in PPT format can be transformed into interactive content easily. Users can add branching scenarios and quizzes with audio feedback. Users can also track their learners’ progress easily.
• Accessibility Support – projects can be disseminated over a wide range of institutions where instruction is needed, and users can insert clickable areas in projects that allow the use of keyboards, among other accessibility features.