autoitscript (Shareware)

MacroGamer gives the user the tools to write a macro. This is done through recording keystrokes in real-time as they are pressed. Each of the user’s keystroke is recorded exactly as is. The owner can bind each macro to any key based on the user’s preference.

Here are some of the features of this application:
• The user can do complicated key strokes with the exact timing required while playing a game.
• Manual customization is allowed such that mouse events, key delays and other parameters may be set by the player.
• Has tools needed to create profiles with macros which the player may share with users and gamers.

MacroGamer is an application that gives the avid gamer the tools that they need to be more effective and successful in the games they are actively engaged in. Every user of MacroGamer can set a specific key to enable or disable keybinds during a computer game. An in-game notification is given using an audible sound. The user can also specify a key that starts and stops the recording process while playing a game. When a certain key is pressed, a notification alerts the player that recording has ensued and another when the recording is terminated.