Macro Key Manager Application


Macro Key Manager is a small utility program that enables users to manage their macro keys. Macro keys are keyboard shortcuts that execute actions in certain programs. Examples of these include CTRL + C that executes the “Copy” action, CTRL + X for “Cut”, and CTRL + V for “Paste”. Macro Key Manager provides users with tools to customize their own Macro key shortcuts to be used in different program environments. In addition to program commands, users can utilize Macro Key Manager to set keyboard events for hyperlinks. This program also allows users to create different Macro Key profiles that can be used in different programs. Once closed, Macro Key Manager will be minimized in the desktop system tray.

Macro Key Manager features a simple interface that contains three main parts. The first one is the profile setting area where users can select, create, and modify macro key profiles. This can be found on the upper portion of the program window. Next part is the Macro Key Setting Area located just below the Profile Setting Area. In this section, users can set the function of an individual Macro key using a keyboard event setting or a hyperlink setting. Users can also name the macro key hint that they created in this section. The last part contains the Preview Area where users can see a tablet image and the macro keys that the user created for the tablet. If a user places the cursor over a macro key, the macro key hint will pop up next to it.