Macrium Reflect 6.1.1366

Paramount Software UK Ltd (Shareware)

Macrium Reflect is an application used to create disk images and file backup archives for Windows systems. It makes use of Microsoft’s utility called Volume Shadow Copy Service to make sure that the data created is accurate. The created backup archives may be saved in XML file format to allow users to edit and re-run them when needed. Aside from its file backup and disk imaging functions, this application also allows users to clone disks, redeploy disk images to new hardware, and recover system data.

• Disk cloning - this application clones one disk to another directly, without creating a separate image file. The disk onto which the cloned image will be placed does not have to have the same specifications as the original but it must have enough storage space to fit the data. By cloning, the data structures and disk signatures remain the same as the original.
• Redeploy to a new system – this program allows users to create a rescue CD containing images taken from the system. When the system undergoes irreparable hardware failure, the rescue CD can simply be inserted into a new system.
• System recovery – this utility uses the Windows Automated Installation Kit in order to create a rescue CD, providing users with a vast set of preinstalled drivers for their system.