maComfort 1.7.1

Rafael L. Klaus (Shareware)

MaComfort is a background application designed to enhance the usability of Windows. It is geared specifically for users who want to be able to alternately use Windows and Mac. Engineered to enable almost all Mac key combinations on any Windows operating system, it is most useful for those who typically switch between Mac and Windows. Basically, the software is about allowing the user to bring the Mac experience to Windows.

One Mac-like feature is that which runs Spaces, a function that brings up to 9 virtual desktops to Windows. Previewing files like they are done in Mac can be done in Windows. When the spacebar is hit, Quicklook launches. Pressing the F keys activates volume management. Adapting to Windows is no longer necessary, because the Windows key can work like Command for any given application. For instance, pressing Command-T opens a new tab in the Firefox browser. Screen corners can be enabled to toggle specific actions. Setting any key for controlling multimedia applications and audio volume is possible. This is particularly useful if drivers won’t function or when another keyboard is attached to the PC.

With maComfort, the user can keep using all the Mac functions and shortcuts he is accustomed to even as he switches to Windows-based systems. The easy-to-use interface and a top menu bar facilitate this process. The program supports plug-ins once it is upgraded to the paid version.