Machine World

Trino Games (Freeware)

Machine World is a mobile app game for Apple products, including the iPhone, iPadm and iPod Touch. In this game, players are tasked to operate different kinds of machinery in order to finish different construction tasks, such as buildings and houses. Players have to learn how to operate 13 types of machines in order for them to accomplish their missions and finish the game. The machines cover big land-based trucks and equipment as well as seafaring cargo ships and airborne helicopters. Players will get to drive and operate a bulldozer, an excavator, a rescue truck, and a mobile crane. There is also a rescue helicopter and a freighter.

Each of the machines has a specific use, and players must be creative and apply different strategies in handling each machine in order to successfully complete their tasks.  For example, the bulldozer has the ability to deform large areas of dirt, but players have to mind where they are digging in order to make their construction work as organized as possible. No two machines operate in the same way, making the game challenging.

Machine World features realistic behavior of dirt, construction materials, and other particles. Players must control their machines well or else a prefabricated wall may be damaged by rough handling. The game has an easy mode and the realistic mode. The first one is more suitable for children and casual players.