Mach3 Application

ArtSoft (Proprietary)

Mach3 Application is program developed by ArtSoft. It transforms the user’s computer into a system capable of controlling a CNC machine. CNC machines are industrial machines used in shaping wood.  The Mach3 Application allows users to control different types of CNC machines without getting a dedicated CNC Controller. The program controls the servo and stepper motors used in moving the nuts and bolts of a CNC machine. This process is made possible using Gcodes. The program controls several types of machines including lathes, lasers, plasma, mills, routers, gear cutters, and engravers, among many.

Mach3 Application features a 6-axis CNC controller function. The program recognizes several image file formats including JPG, BMP, and DXF. The program also offers support for HPGL files using the LazyCam feature. Gcodes are generated using the LazyCam. The program can also display visual Gcode. The program is likewise compatible with Macros and M-codes with VBScript support. Mach3 Application also comes with several features like multiple relay control and spindle speed control.  It also offers manual pulse generation support.  The program is also compatible with full screen display and touch screen capability.

The Mach3 Application features a classic grey and blue user interface. The main window is divided into several panels corresponding to different machines. The program also comes with configurable wizards targeted for digitizing, holes, gear cutting, slots and keyways, and surfacing, among many.