[ m p 3 - e x p l o r e r ] 5.1.0

MP Prime (Freeware)

[ m p 3 - e x p l o r e r ] is an audio application that can manage MP3 files on the computer. The program lists the files according to the song's title, album name, or artist. Through the program's interface, song information can be edited, allowing the user to alter the song's title, artist name, and album info. The songs can also be tagged. This allows the songs to be associated with a label, such as a music genre. Moreover, when the songs are viewed using this program, it has the ability to search for additional information on the Internet. These include looking for album covers, song lyrics, and artist pictures.

Playlist creation can be done by simply dragging the songs to the current pane. When all the songs are selected, the playlist can be given a name and then saved. It can also become the computer's default application for playing MP3 files. When searching for songs, the program has a smart search feature that allows it to suggest songs based on the letters typed by the user.

When searching for MP3 files, [ m p 3 - e x p l o r e r ] can present a visual view of the computer's drives and the amount of MP3 files stored in them.