Lyric Maker

Hammysoft (Freeware)

Lyric Maker is an application that finds rhymes to a word. This provides users with the ability to write song lyrics and poems easily. It can find rhymes for words written in Spanish, German, Italian, and English with its built-in dictionary. With this application, users can simply type in a word and select the preferred language of the output rhyming words. The application instantly lists down all the words that rhyme with the word the user specifies. Users can then select the word or make a selection from the list and copy it to the clipboard. To copy a word or selection, users can press the global copy hotkey. A copy function is also available from the context menu which pops up when the user right-clicks the selected word or group of words.

The user interface of Lyric Maker is simple and straightforward, which makes the application easy to use, even by those who have limited experience. The program’s main window has a plain layout that can be easily navigated. There is a context area where users can input a word. This application has a small file size and uses minimal system resources (RAM and CPU), allowing users to open other programs at the same time.