LogoVista Corporation (Freeware)

LVELawBrowser is a browser that was released by the LogoVista Corporation, which is a company that creates and sells multi-function programs for Japanese to English and English to Japanese translations. This particular program is simple to install. The user only has to download an executable file and run that file for installation to commence. As with ordinary installations, the user may set options for a custom installation that installs selected elements or go with the default procedure that installs the central program and some other add-ons. This browser was developed to run on more advanced Windows-powered systems. There are different system tools that can be applied to this particular browser

Similar to more popular browsers, the LVELawBrowser program provides its users with a browser interface that is easy to use. It can be configured to function with a dedicated search engine. Currently, the browser has a default language setting - Japanese. However, non-Japanese speakers can still use this browser because there are translation software options that can be obtained from the same company, LogoVista. The translation software options are shareware programs. They work well with the browser and they can also be used as tools for direct translation together with other applications.