Luxor Mahjong

Big Fish Games (Shareware)

Luxor Mahjong is a game that lets users play mahjong with an Ancient Egyptian theme. In this game, players must match mahjong tiles. Users can only match tiles from the ends of each row of mahjong tiles, without disturbing those in the middle. When all of the tiles have been matched, the player completes the level and moves on to the next. As the player progresses through the levels, he or she will be able to recover the stolen treasures of Ancient Egypt, such as the Golden Ankh keys. When all of the treasures have been recovered, the game is won.

Luxor Mahjong comes with two hundred unique layouts that provide challenging play. There are three game modes to choose from and three difficulty settings, so that users of all levels will be able to play according to their own skills, or challenge themselves by playing the more difficult levels. The playing modes are Adventure, Single, and Traditional.

Users can also choose from three different tile sets designed with Egyptian themes and patterns to keep the game interesting. Players start the game as a farm hand and work their way up to Pharaoh level. The game provides players with five power-up tiles to help them finish a level.