Luxor Mah Jong

mumbojumbo (Shareware)

Luxor Mah Jong is a tile-matching game that is full of fun and adventure set in an exotic setting. This game has three modes and features around 200 different layouts. This epic Egyptian adventure revolves around the search for stolen treasure. Luxor Mah Jong has three tile sets with exotic flavor and also features a new ranking system. This visually stunning game presents the player with amazing challenges with each and every hidden chamber.

There are three levels of difficulty which provides all types of player enough fun and excitement. Players who are outstanding at matching tiles will soon progress from being merely a simple farm hand to the god-king of Egypt—the Pharaoh. Luxor Mah Jong features five powerful and sacred tiles that provide the most needed boost when the situation arises.

The dazzling adventure that is Luxor Mah Jong offers a variety of challenges for all types of players. In the Adventure mode, the player is tasked to find Golden Ankh keys. Meanwhile, the traditional mode is rather relaxing, while the Single mode is for a quick break. There are many chances provided to gain points and move forward in this challenging but doable tile game. Players of different skill levels—from novices to experts will find something in this game that suits their tastes.