Luxor Classic

GameHouse (Shareware)

Luxor Classic is a video game released on May 2005. This video game features an action, tile-matching puzzle gameplay where players are required to clear a level featuring a set of moving colored balls. Players may eliminate the balls by shooting another colored ball from a moving icon towards a group that has the same color. Luxor Classic’s main objective is to eliminate all balls before it reaches the pyramid at the end of the line. Players lose the game if the balls reach the pyramid before they shoot all of it. Luxor Classic requires accuracy from the player’s part. Properly aimed shots could cause a chain reaction that would cause the string of balls to collapse on their own, enabling players to win the level easily. Luxor Classic features over 30 levels along with an Egyptian-themed screen and background music.

Luxor Classic also features a variety of power-ups that can be acquired by performing accurate shots and chain reactions. Power-ups are dropped by the Isis icon on the center of the screen. These power-ups include the slow power-up, which slows down the movement of the spheres, the fireball power-up, which makes the moving icon, shoot a fireball which destroys a number of balls in an area, and the lightning power-up which allows players to shoot a vertical bolt of lightning which destroys all balls that touch it. Other power-ups include the speed shot power-up that speeds up the player’s shooting rate, the wild ball, which can take the color of any ball, and the color bomb which destroys all balls in the screen that has the same color as the power-up. In addition, players may also get the scorpion power-up that summons a scorpion from the pyramid that destroys the balls nearest to the pyramid.