Luxor: Amun Rising

MumboJumbo, LLC (Shareware)

Luxor: Amun Rising is an action-puzzle game developed and published by MumboJumbo, LLC. The game was initially released in 2005. The game is the direct sequel to the previous Luxor entry. This game follows the story of the player as he tries to save Ancient Egypt from the Princes of Megiddo. The storyline is depicted as the player tries to complete the stages in the game.

The game features a total of 88 levels that are divided into several stages. Each stage has a boss battle. The gameplay involves the player creating matches of three balls or more to remove the spheres. The goal of the game is to prevent the spheres from reaching the end of the pyramid. Each level is complete once the bar below the screen is full. To destroy spheres, the player controls a scarab with a ball in it. The player must throw the ball in the middle of the same colored spheres. The player can switch between the current sphere and the next sphere using the right-click button of the mouse. Sometimes, the destroyed spheres throw gems. If the player catches this, additional bonus points are obtained. Ankh coins are also thrown from time to time. Catching 30 Ankh coins gives the player an additional life. Players can also catch special powers to help in the game. These power-ups are displayed in symbols. Available power-ups include lightning bolts, fireballs, and color bombs.