Luxor 4: Quest For The Afterlife

MumboJumbo (Shareware)

Luxor 4: Quest For The Afterlife is an action-puzzle game with a total of six lands and eighteen cities to venture into. A player (who is of Queen Nefertiti’s bloodline) is tasked by Queen Nefertiti who narrates the game’s story, to retrieve artifacts stolen from her tomb.  Stolen artifacts include 4 canopic jars which are needed for Queen Nefertiti’s peaceful rest in the afterlife and for her to rise up to heaven

The thieves must be pursued along and through the Silk Road. The player must also overcome enemies which are encountered throughout the quest. Stolen artifacts have been broken and scattered throughout the Silk Road. Players must gather scattered artifact pieces and and assemble and complete them. Different artifacts present help through the game. Artifacts include the Eye of Horus, Sphinx, Statue of Horus, Golden Scarab, Chariot, and Aten Sun Discs. A number of gameplay modes are available such as Classic Mode, Onslaught Mode, River Mode, Battle Mode, Puzzle Mode, and Free Play.  Gameplay includes power-ups, Ankh coins collection for extra lives, and gems collection to earn bonus points. Game locations include India, Syria, and Persia. An iTunes account which has been installed and currently active is required to use the application.