Luxor 3

MumboJumbo (Shareware)

Luxor 3 is a single-player action-puzzle video game which is the sequel to the first two Luxor games. It was initially released on October 30, 2007 for PC. The game follows the same gameplay as the first two installments. The primary goal of the game is to remove the spheres of different colors before it reaches the end of the track. This is done by creating matches of 3 spheres or more using the winged shooter being controlled by the player.

Luxor 3 has different game modes. The main game mode is the Adventure mode. In this mode, the storyline is about protecting a specific goddess or god from the evil Set who is trying to destroy the other Egyptian gods/goddesses. This mode offers 99 levels and 11 bonus levels. Bonus levels can only be unlocked if the player is able to collect 4 jars. There are also the Free to Play and Puzzle modes which are readily available to the player. In Free to Play, the player can replay all the 25 classic levels in the Adventure mode or any of the extended game modes. In the Puzzle mode, the scarabs are held still for the player. However, there is only a limited number of spheres that can be used to remove all the spheres from the track.

There are also extended game modes which include the following:

• Puzzle Mode
• Onslaught Mode
• Crossing the Nile Mode
• Endless Mode