Luxor 2

MumboJumbo Online (Shareware)

Luxor 2 is a puzzle game that was first released in 2006. It is the sequel to Luxor, which was released in 2005. The aim of the game is to eliminate all the spheres on the screen. To do this, players must match at least three of the same colored spheres. Players shoot out spheres from a winged scarab at the bottom of the screen. At each level, the spheres slowly move towards a pyramid. The spheres must be eliminated before they reach the pyramid.

The game consists of 88 levels. There are 13 additional levels that can be unlocked when the player completes all the levels. There are also power-ups offered in each level. These power-ups can be helpful in successfully beating the level. Some of the power-ups are:

• Lighting storm – the lightning storm produces ten lighting blasts that eliminate random colored spheres.
• Color cloud – the color cloud changes surrounding spheres into one color. This makes it easier to eliminate the spheres.
• Pharaoh’s dagger – this power-up changes the sphere in the scarab beetle into a dagger. The dagger is used for eliminating any sphere that it hits.

Luxor 2 is available in different game modes, as well as different levels of difficulty. The more difficult the game mode, the higher points are awarded to the player.