Luxand Glamourizer

Luxand, Inc. (Shareware)

Luxand Glamourizer is a photo manipulation software that allows users to edit facial features and skin tones of single or multiple photo subjects. The program has the ability to automatically detect faces in a photograph and offers a bevy of touch-up tools that will enhance them such as red eye removal, resolution optimization for Web usage, and toning down of skin imperfections like blemishes, freckles, and scars. Each of these tools is triggered with just few mouse clicks and the outcome is smooth, glowing skin without over-contrasting the other elements of the photograph.

Users of Luxand Glamourizer can choose between automatic and advanced mode in glamourizing photos. The automatic mode enables the user to quickly edit photos through the “glamourize” command, while the advanced mode requires the user to tinker with the tools individually. Since it is a standalone program, Glamourizer allows users to edit photos without any third-party program – skin tone can be evened out and livened up, general color contrast can be adjusted depending on the user’s preference. This program caters to all kinds of photo image file formats taken with any type of digital cameras. Moreover, users can edit multiple photos at a time and apply various effects across the board.