Luxand Blink! Pro 2.4

Luxand, Inc. (Shareware)

Luxand Blink! Pro is an application that enables a user to logged into the computer by looking into the computer’s webcam. Dynamic technologies in face recognition are used by the application for reliable and quick computer login. The program can be used by a single or multiple users. Users can login any time of the day whether at night or day. Different light conditions are adjusted whether artificial or window lighting. Changes in a user’s personal appearance are also accommodated. For example, a user who has grown a moustache or beard can still be identified by the program. Users can also have their hair dyed, use make-up, remove or wear contact lenses and glasses, and still they will be logged into their computers using the program.

Authorized access is allowed without delays nor false positives, as well as complex and long passwords. Luxand Blink! Pro timestamps and photographs a user each time he/she logs in, and whether biometric sign-in and a password was used. Account logins that are journalized locate hijacked accounts.  It can also verify who exactly logged on through the use of stolen credentials. The program is capable of  monitoring if anybody or a registered person is at the front of the computer. It locks the computer’s access if otherwise. Biometric identification is made possible in one’s workplace and at home.