Sillysoft Games (Shareware)

Lux is a strategy game, wildly taken from the traditional Risk board game. It was developed by Sillysoft Games and was first released in November of 2002. The developer made sure to deviate from the traditional world continent maps found in the board game through new maps with fictitious worlds. They also incorporated the AI map submissions from user communities that enjoy the gameplay through an official game plugin manager.

Lux includes 800 maps that feature different historical, geometric, and fantasy settings. The rules are the same – to get hold of strategic colonies and continents, control armies, man borders, and take over other territories. The challenge comes with the enemies, which are all AI (artificial intelligence) powered. AI gameplay is achieved offline. Players can also either play multiplayer, online, or through a LAN connection.

Like Risk, the whole gameplay also relies much on luck and skill. Dice rolls determine who gets to win over territories and who loses. Online players get to have more freedom, though. Online leader boards tend to be polarized by the same faces. Chat capability is enabled so tactical discussions offer players a chance to form alliances and make strategic conversations. Sillysoft also has a dedicated forum for Lux players and an annual meet-up for special tournaments.