Lutcurve 1.18

Andrew Revvo (Shareware)

Lutcurve is a utility that optimizes a computer system’s cathode-ray tube (CRT) monitor or liquid-crystal display (LCD) settings. This utility helps users perform high-accuracy calibration without using an external hardware device. Monitor calibration is essential for those who do graphic design, software development, game design, and photo or video editing. Calibrated monitors are able to display accurate colors, so shots composed and taken using a camera will look the same on the computer. Aside from images, display calibration also improves the look of games, videos, and other graphics.

Lutcurve provides users with the following features:

• Easy calibration process. The step-by-step walkthrough function makes it easy for users to calibrate their displays.
• Reference image. The utility makes use of a reference image that is used to guide users in the calibration process to ensure that adjustments are done as accurately as possible.
• Simple controls. The display values are adjusted using the Up and Down arrow keys.
• Support for multiple displays. Dual monitors and other forms of multiple displays may be calibrated to match colors without having to disassemble the whole system.

At the bottom of the program’s main window is a Command Button Bar that contains the Navigation Tabs used to access the calibration features: White Point, Black Point, Curve Adjustment, Gamma, and Color Correction. This utility adjusts the user’s display settings through the system’s look-up table, or LUT, which functions to send information to the display.