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Lunia is a MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) that was first released in 2007. The game is different from other RPGs as it focuses more on the action. Players have the option to choose from 17 different characters. Some of the available characters are Sieg Helmont (knight), Dacy Dalstrin (puppeteer), Iris (flame witch), Arien Carnesir (elven archer), and Dark Eir (dark princess). Each of the characters has their own advantages and disadvantages.

Players can get skill points and level up their characters by completing quests and beating the monsters. The skill points can be distributed on the existing skills of the character or it can also be used to unlock even more skills. Different kinds of equipment can be bought from the town square or picked up from monsters. They can also be obtained by completing quests. Lunia has several episodes, with each episode having ten stages. As the player completes more stages, more opportunities are unlocked.

Lunia offers a PvP (Player Versus Player) mode wherein up to eight players can join in combat. There are four PvP arenas – beginner, rebirth, balance, and free. Battlefield is another PvP stage where up to 16 players can join the fight. Aside from these arenas, there are also seasonal arenas, such as the Snowman Fight.