Lunascape Co., LTD. (Freeware)

Lunascape 5 is a customizable Web browser that provides users with a fast and optimized browsing experience. Users can select from over a hundred built-in functions to use with the browser and they have control over which to use. Since all of the functions are already built in the browser, there is no need to manually install extensions; in addition, the browsing speed and user security are not compromised.

One of the key features of this browser is its triple engine. The three popular rendering engines, namely Gecko, Trident, and WebKit, are all integrated into the browser, making it easy for users to switch from one engine to the next. The browser comes with a smart engine switch button that lets users choose which engine is the most suitable for viewing a particular page. Multiple pages may have different rendering engines. This is useful for accessing websites that are designed for only one engine—for example, bank websites commonly use Trident. The exclusive site settings may be saved in the Auto Engine Switch list so that the next time the site is opened, the dedicated engine for that site is used. The default engine used by Lunascape 5 is Gecko, but users may change it to WebKit or Trident if preferred.