Lucy's Expedition

WildTangent, Inc. (Shareware)

Lucy’s Expedition is a time management game developed by RealArcade and published by GameHouse. It has a unique theme, which features the character of Lucy, a university professor who is requested by the head of the faculty to solve a mysterious incident. Pieces of an ancient map have been found in six museums, but instead of putting them together, each of the museums insist on withholding their respective pieces. But in exchange for the map fragments, the museums are asking for newfound artifacts. Lucy sets off on a global adventure to acquire enough artifacts to retrieve all the pieces of the map.

Lucy explores the world with a team of characters, each of whom she has to micromanage. If the crew performs collectively well and Lucy finds valuable artifacts, the player earns money points. Certain objects require digging, so the player must drag and drop one to two diggers to the spot in order to get the item. If the daggers are wearing clothes of the same color, the player earns extra points. When the digger hits a rock, the player must drag and drop a picker to remove the obstruction. Both diggers and pickers occasionally need a snack, so the player must select a character named Hannah to serve it to them on time. Once Lucy has the artifacts, she must also clean them and analyze them to determine their value.