LTspice IV 4.19h

Linear Technology (Freeware)

LTspice IV is a computer program that simulates SPICE electronic circuits. SPICE stands for Simulation Program with Integrated Circuit Emphasis. It is an analog electronic circuit simulator program that checks circuit design integrity and generates circuit behavior predictions. The program features a schematic waveform and capture viewer that enables users to speed up switching regulator simulations. It comes with macro models for Linear Technology’s operational amplifiers, switching regulators, transistors, and other passive components. LTspice IV is developed by Linear Technology and released on March 2012.

LTspice IV is a program that features node-unlimited support. The program is likewise compatible with 3rd party models. It provides users with circuit simulations utilizing AC, noise, transient, and DC analysis. LTspice IV calculates heat dissipation among components. Users may even generate efficient reports based on findings and analysis provided by the program. It can also handle and plot a Fourier analysis.  This is particularly useful in radio-frequency electronics, digital electronics, and power electronics industries. The program may not be used to generate printed circuit board layouts. However, netlists from this program may be imported and utilized in PCB layout programs.

LTspice IV ‘s previous name was SwitcherCAD. It is maintained personally Mike Engelhardt under Linear Technology. Linear Technology is a semiconductor manufacturer company.