LP Wizard

Mentor Graphics (Shareware)

LP Wizard is a complete and accurate utility program that is specifically intended to create CAD library parts that are compliant with IPC RoHS. It is considered by many as an industry standard. LP Wizard is the creation of Mentor Graphics and the company provides technical assistance to anyone who has questions that need immediate answers. This application can be used to produce parts for the CAD Land Pattern library automatically. The utility can put all these together from various component dimensions quickly and efficiently. This is a multi-part Wizard that can be used to create CAD library parts (thousands of them) in just one mouse click. Despite its numerous functionalities the program does not occupy much space in the hard disk. The zip file is only 70 MB.

LP Wizard can be utilized based on default IPC rules which are quite easy to follow. The user may also customize the rules based on personal preference. There are 10,000 parts that are readily available, while users who want to enter their own can do so. The application is free for 10 days and the offer contains no part limitation. Users receive an evaluation software license agreement via email with the ten-day license that is date-sensitive. With LP Wizard they start counting the days once the license is received and not upon program installation. After securing the license the software will then being installed.