LP Ripper 11.0

CFB Software (Shareware)

LP Ripper is an application developed by CFB Software that provides users with the ability to convert single WAV recordings of vinyl LPs and cassettes and split these to different tracks. This application is designed to be used together with LP Recorder, the tool used to record LPs to WAV format. By converting LPs to a digital format, users can listen to their favorite LP-quality tracks as often as they want without damaging the original vinyls and tapes. With this application, a single recording of a whole LP or cassette can be split into separate tracks. Burning the ripped music onto a blank CD can be done using the LP Burner application, which is also developed by the CFB Software.

LP Ripper can also produce an MP3 file for each track through the command-line MP3 encoder feature, so users can play the tracks in portable media devices. The editing progress can be saved between sessions to ensure there is no data loss. The other features of this application are the following:
• Support for 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Vista, 7, and Windows 8
• Audio preview of each track so users can trim parts of the track as preferred
• The hiss between tracks are replaced with silence for less noise
• Ability to copy, paste, and edit track names based on track listings
• Adjustment of fade-in and fade-out of selected tracks