LP Recorder 11.1

CFB Software (Shareware)

LP Recorder is an application that enables users to record vinyl LPs and convert these to WAV audio format. Aside from LPs, users can also record audio from cassette tapes, VCRs, DVDs, CDs, radios, and other audio sources that can be connected to the computer with a line-in input and played via soundcard. With this application, users can have digital files of their favorite tunes and play these using their portable media players, car stereo, and other devices capable of playing CDs and MP3s.

Recording LPs through this application is fast and easy. Users simply need to connect the line or tape input from their stereo or LP player to line input of the computer’s soundcard, choose the recording input type, enter the output filename, and click the Record button. The application adjusts the recording levels automatically to avoid sound distortion.

This application can be used in conjunction with the LP Ripper, a program that is capable of splitting tracks; and the LP Burner, which is used to burn files onto CD. It can also be used with other programs that have the capability to process 16-bit stereo files in WAV audio format and convert these to other audio formats. In summary, LP Recorder is used to record a single WAV file, which can be split using the LP Ripper into different tracks that are then burned to a blank CD-R disk using LP Burner.