Lowrider Extreme by Red Dot Games

Red Dot Games (Proprietary)

Lowrider Extreme is a racing video game wherein players take part in lowrider racing competitions. Lowriders are types of cars whose heights may be altered because of the liquid suspension process operating in their engines. In this game, the player purchases a lowrider and races against other lowrider owners while still maintaining the car in top form. The player can further fine tune the car by removing its parts in favor of better gear, gearboxes, as well accessories that make the wheels turn faster. There are also advanced options when the player wants to fine tune his car further. This means there are options to alter the car tires, change the rims, and set up fresh hydraulic systems.

There are three different modes to play the game - freestyle, dance, and jump. There are points given which depend on how high the lowrider can hop. Points are also given when the lowrider is able to do a variety of moves. There are twelve cars to choose from. These cars are manufactured from the United States and Europe. The game also features four race sites. The game's interface features the accelerometer at the lower right portion of the screen.

In Lowrider Extreme, players also particpate in races that occur at night.