LowRateVoip 4.14 Build 745

LowRateVoip (Freeware)

LowRateVoip is a program that allows users to make calls using their computers. The program supports free calls to certain countries, such as Australia, United States, Netherlands, United Kingdom, and many others. After installing the application on the computer, users must create their username and password. For regular phone calls, users can use the program immediately. For all other types of calls, credits are needed.

The program’s user interface is divided into several tabs with different purposes. The Contacts tab displays all the user’s contacts added to the program. Users can also view if their contacts are online or offline, depending on the icon beside the name. The Dial tab displays the number buttons for dialing. Users can also improve the quality of the call by using a headset with a microphone, or headphones. When using the program, users must first dial 00 followed by the country code, area code, and then the number.

Here are the other features of the LowRateVoip program:

• Simple and easy to use interface that both novice and advanced computer users will be able to use
• Support for free or cheap calls to contacts that are located in different parts of the globe
• Does not clog up system resources