Lovely Kitchen 1

Blam! Games (Shareware)

Lovely Kitchen is a time management game wherein players are tasked to manage a restaurant. The game was first released in 2009. What makes this different from other restaurant time management games is that players also have to manage the back of the house, which is the kitchen. Mary has achieved her dream of building her own restaurant and players have to help make the restaurant more successful.

In the game, players have to take orders, cook the orders in the kitchen, and bring the food to the customers – all within the patience limit of the customers. As customers enter the restaurant, they have patience markers above their heads. The smiling faces slowly turn into frowns when they are not served on time. Customers leave the restaurant without paying if the player fails to serve them before their patience run out. There is a monetary goal for each level as well, and players must achieve the goal before the restaurant closes.