Lovely Folders 4.3

Lovelysoft (Shareware)

Lovely Folders is an application that enables users to customize standard folder icon in Windows systems. The program comes with a variety of icons that users can choose from. In addition, it has an Icon Converter that automatically generates icons based on the files saved in the folder. The program can also add a background image to the folder. Users can also add their own icons to the program as long as it is in the supported image format. The program supports formats, such as ICL, ICO, EXE, DLL, OCX, and SCR.

The application is fully integrated to Windows. This enables users to change the folder icon just by right clicking and choosing some options from the drop down menu. It also supports the drag and drop feature. Users can drag an icon to the application’s interface to change it.

Lovely Folders’ interface is simple and intuitive. The left side of the main window displays a tree view of all the folders and sub-folders in the system. The right side of the window displays the folder appearance options. There are three icon sets included in the program and there are hundreds of icons to choose from. Users are also free to create a template for folder icons.