Lounge Lizard EP

Applied Acoustics Systems DVM Inc. (Shareware)

Lounge Lizard is an application that accurately captures the sound of an authentic electric piano. It recreates the exact tone of the classic Wurlitzer and Rhodes electric pianos and preserves the instruments’ action and feel. This application’s core engine is based on a real electric piano’s components, namely the pickup, the hammer, and the fork. To enhance the output sound, this utility has graphic equalizer and a compressor so users can adjust, shape, and fine-tune the music according to their preferences.

Lounge Lizard also features the following functions:

• Efficient interface. The streamlined work area is divided into three panels: Play, Edit, and FX. The first shows the shortcuts to the main piano; the second is where users can adjust and tweak the sounds; and the third presents the equalizer, compressor, and multi-effect options for final sound polishing.
• Vast sound library. In addition to classic Wurlitzer and Rhodes sounds, the application’s factory library also contains over 200 gig- and mix-ready piano sounds.
• Music bank and program manager. This utility comes with a Program Manager that assists users in arranging their sound files for a well-organized music bank. The manager also lets users in sharing their music online.

This music application offers multi-effect processor for the electric piano, which lets users add distortion, delay, wah-wah, a notch filter, and other effects to the composition.