Loudtalks Lite 1.7

Officeverse Inc (Freeware)

Loudtalks Lite is a push-to-talk mobile application for smartphones and tablets. This program is developed by Officeverse Inc. and released on August 2011. This program can also be installed on a PC or desktop. This program enables users to call or leave a message for online contacts. Users may even make simultaneous voice calls to several contacts. This program also enables users to save voice conversations through the voice history. Users may access or replay these voice calls at any time by going to the voice history.  Loudtalks Lite may be used over any type of Internet connection—WiFi, EDGE, 3G, and even GPRS.

Loudtalks Lite is a Voice over Internet Protocol application that features automatic configuration when installed on a system. It can also run in Portable mode when saved in a USB storage device. To use in portable mode, just plug in the USB device and double click the application icon. The program automatically recognizes that it is on Portable mode. This program can also work without a headset installed or attached to the system. Users may use a microphone to make voice calls. The speaker will stand in for the headphones. The program produces a loud clear sound, omitting the need for a headphone. This program also works with handhelds using Android, Windows Mobile, or Blackberry technology. This program converts the handheld into a two-way radio.