Lotus vCard & vCalendar Viewer

Lotus Development Corporation (Freeware)

Lotus vCard & vCalendar Viewer is an application that enables users to view a vCard or vCalendar file instantly. These files are usually received as an email attachment.

A vCard allows users to exchange personal and business communication electronically, usually through the use of an email client. The vCard is sent as an attachment to an email message. As an electronic business card, the vCard contains information about an individual’s contact details including the name, cellphone number and email address, and business name and address. Aside from being sent via email, it may also be used in other applications such as communications and telephony software. A vCard may include an image file (like a contact photo or company logo) and an HTML link to the owner’s webpage.

The vCalendar file contains information about meetings, events, and other scheduled appointments. It is also sent through email or via file sharing online. Those who are hosting a particular event can simply send a vCalendar file to invited parties or members of the organizing team. Using the Lotus vCard & vCalendar Viewer, recipients will be able to read the contents of the announcement and respond accordingly. Depending on the message to which the vCalendar file is attached, recipients may reply with information regarding their availability or attendance to an event, or simply respond with their inputs and other concerns about the vCalendar event.