LOTTOmania 1.3.6

Soft-System (Shareware)

LOTTOmania is a lottery number generator that analyzes the patterns of previous lottery winning combinations. Users are able to place filters on the number combinations to eliminate the number sequences that are unpopular. The program supports different lottery games, such as Euro Millions, Mega Millions, Powerball, Decades of Dollars, U.K. National Lottery, and many others. The program has a sequence wizard so novice computer users will be able to use the application.

On the main window, users can select the type of lottery games they play. These settings can be saved so the user can immediately see the numbers upon opening the window the next time. On the “Results” menu, users can download lottery results from different games to see the sequence of winning numbers and see which numbers are drawn repeatedly. The “Calculate Repeatings” option enables users to see the repeated numbers easily.

Other features of the LOTTOmania application are the following:

• Suggested Numbers Wizard – This feature allows users to pick numbers suggested by the program based on winning combinations
• Ticket Manager – With this tool, users can manage all their tickets and see which ones are winning tickets.
• Number Ranking Reports – The number ranking reports system allows users to see which numbers are popular.