Lost Treasures Of El Dorado

Shockwave (Shareware)

Lost Treasures of El Dorado is a match 3 casual game inspired by Indiana Jones, an action adventure movie series. In this game, the player is asked to find a woman who has gone missing in Egypt. The woman's name is Alicia. Alicia is missing after she found an artifact. The game character goes to New York, France, and many other countries to know more details about the artifact and rescue the woman.

In Lost Treasures of El Dorado, the game screen is made up of a grid that looks like a beehive and is shaped like a hexagon. There are various shaded items inside every hexagon. The player must connect 3 similar shaded items together by holding the mouse and dragging the cursor across the three items. When the items are connected, they are removed from the map. To finish a level, the player has to remove gold plates that are located behind the hexagons. There are various power-up items to help the player in finishing a level. If certain goals are achieved, the game grants the player trophies. The trophies can be viewed at any point in time.

The Lost Treasures of El Dorado has 2 game modes - Relaxed Mode and Adventure Mode. In Relaxed Mode, the player can finish a level at his own leisure. In Adventure Mode, the level must be finished within the given time limit.