Lost Roads Races 1

MyPlayCity (Shareware)

Lost Roads Races is a racing game where players can race against others in different tracks. The game features 17 different racetracks from popular spots around the world that have challenging terrains. There are also 10 GT cars to choose from. At the start of the game, players have the option to go into practice mode to get a feel of the game before entering competitions. Players also get the chance to meet different racing champions in the game.

Lost Roads Races makes use of ODE (Open Dynamics Engine) to simulate real races and make the game as realistic as possible for players. It also features three game modes from easy to hard, to accommodate different player skills. Additionally, users have complete control over the number of opponents in each race. Users can race against 1 up to 6 players in each race. The game is easy to play and users can control the vehicle with just the keyboard. The arrow keys are used for accelerating, breaking, and swerving right and left. The spacebar functions as the car’s handbrake, while the tab key can be pressed to boost the vehicle’s power. Furthermore, camera angles can be changed by using the F7 and F1 keys.