CAPCOM CO., LTD. (Proprietary)

LOST PLANET COLONIES is the gold edition version of the game Lost Planet: Extreme Condtion, a third-person shooter game. This edition includes new multiplayer maps, a vast selection of new characters and weapons for the multiplayer mode, and a Human vs. Akrid multiplayer mode. The game takes place in a fictional setting called E.D.N. III, an Earth-like planet that is a potential new place to live in by humans after the Earth became too hostile to live in because of global warming, pollution, and war. Unfortunately, the planet is inhabited by insect-like aliens called the Akrid. Players must destroy the Akrid species in order to allow humans to colonize the planet.

The Colonies edition also introduces four new single-player modes to the game, including a score attack mode in which points are given each time the player kills opponents using combos. In this mode, each enemy object has points assigned to it, and the player will be awarded the corresponding points depending on how they choose to attack and defeat the enemy species. The other modes are time trial battle, first-person shooter, and unlimited mode that requires unlocking. Time trial involves facing the game’s Bosses. The unlimited mode, also called Off-limit mode, allows players to attack using supercharged weapons with fast speed and unlimited ammunition.