Lost Lagoon 2: Cursed and Forgotten

INTENIUM GmbH (Shareware)

Lost Lagoon 2: Cursed and Forgotten is a hidden object adventure game that is set in a spooky lagoon. In the game’s story, the player is part of the group that was going on a short, three-hour tour. As they sailed through uncharted water, an island appeared somewhere off the distance. There seemed to be bonfires along the beach, prompting the group to investigate. As the boat neared the island, a dark shadow underneath the water attacked, making the player’s character fall into the open water. Darkness engulfs the player, who soon wakes up in a makeshift prison. On the player’s arm is a mysterious tattoo.

The island seemed to have no inhabitants, but strange happenings prompt the player to think otherwise. Players soon find out that they are not alone and that they have been cursed by the natives’ deities, who crave human sacrifice. Players must then find a way to lift or break the curse so they can escape the island and return home safely.

Players are tasked to explore the island and look for clues. There are many hidden objects to find and items that must be collected in order to solve puzzles and find answers. In the hidden object scenes, the items that must be found are listed below the screen. Players click on an item when found and it is crossed out from the list.