Lost Idols

Suricate Software (Shareware)

Lost Idols is an adventure and puzzle game with 3D graphics in which players are tasked to retrieve the treasured artifacts called the Golden Idols that have been stolen from one of the world’s most sacred monasteries. To do so, they must go on a journey through the treacherous mountains of the Himalayas and explore its deepest caverns, where the thief is said to have hidden the sacred objects.

Each new location in the game offers a puzzle to be solved; going through these obstacles and finding the solutions to the puzzles is the only way to find and retrieve the Golden Idols. The caverns are full of maze-like puzzle rooms that players must navigate through. Players can manipulate the game camera angle so they can view mazes in different angles, allowing them to rotate the viewing angle and see corners and other passageways they may not have seen before. Players can also zoom in and out of the mazes.

While going through the maze, players must be alert and watch out for obstacles and hidden dangers, such as slippery ice panels, bottomless pits, dead ends, guardian creatures, and collapsing floors. Players must also learn to locate and use elevators and switches that can help them on their mission. The puzzles become harder as players progress through the game. There are 100 levels in total.