Lords of Magic Special Edition

Impressions (Freeware)

Lords of Magic Special Edition is a game steeped in magic and chaos. It is essentially a battle wherein players try to rid a fantasy world of evil entities. This edition contains the Legends of Urak Quest expansion pack in addition to the original Lords of Magic.

Lords of Magic is a role playing game that was first introduced in Lords of the Realm, another game from Impressions Software. The new edition gives the player a totally new experience in terms of real-time combat, resource management, and turn-based exploration. In the fictional land of Urak, players will have to deal with monsters and legendary creatures. Tools such as weapons, guard towers and other infrastructure the people may be used by the players to save the people of Urak from the forces of darkness.

The gameplay is typical of the fantasy genre. The player has to choose from three types of lords namely mage, thief, or warrior. There are eight faiths to affiliate with. Once these choices have been made the player has to lead a team in a quest. The game play is a good mix of combat, exploration and diplomacy. The main adversary is the mad lord and sorcerer Balkot, the Lord of Death. Balkot is a worshipper of Golgoth, a dark and ominous force. Aside from him the player also needs to vanquish his evil minions.