Lord of The Rings: Conquest

Electronic Arts Inc. (Proprietary)

Lord of the Rings: Conquest is a role-playing game from Pandemic Studios. The game is based on the film and book trilogy of the same name. However, the gameplay mechanics are based from another game from Pandemic Studios. The game allows the players to control many characters. The online game allows 16 players. Players can clash against each other or play cooperatively in groups of four. Players are also given the option to choose characters that they will be controlling.

The game features campaigns involving good and evil forces. The Good Campaign is inspired from the film and the book. There are also new or modified maps that are added to the campaigns. The player needs to fulfill all missions under the Good Campaign. After which, the player can gain access to the Bad Campaign. The Bad Campaign deals with the “what ifs” in the event that Sauron regains control of the ring.

Characters are categorized by classes- mage, scout, archer, and warrior. The game also features twelve maps. In the multiplayer option, the player can battle out with up to 15 more players. The player can also encounter 150 AI-controlled creatures. On March 2010, the online multiplayer mode for all devices was discontinued.