Loquendo S.p.A. (Proprietary)

Loquendo TTS (Text to Speech) is a program that enables users to convert typed text into speech. This program is capable of translating a string of text, symbols, and punctuations into spoken words. Loquendo TTS features a voice technology that is designed to sound similar to a human’s voice including variations in intonations, accent, stress, and pitch. This program is capable of simulating different male and female voices of various qualities. In addition to these, users may choose between different languages in the program’s language database. Choosing a different language would automatically set an accent, word pronunciation, and intonation. Loquendo TTS is used by professionals in banking, government, live news, business, e-learning courses, entertainment, automotive telematics, and customer service industries. In addition to these, Loquendo TTS is equipped with various features such as expressive cues, lexicons manager, mixed language options, audio mixer, voice creator, and reading style selector.

Loquendo TTS features a simple interface that contains three main parts. The first part contains buttons that execute actions within the program. These buttons include speak, stop, pause, save, and help. The next part is the text typing space where users may input words that would be translated to speech. The last part contains the different settings for the speech translation. This section contains adjustments for speed, volume, reverb gain, pitch, balance, reverb delay, timbre, sample rate, voice type, and language.